Wedding Favors:

Individually Wrapped Hand-Dipped Pretzels: $3.50

Individually Wrapped Cookies: $1.50

Individually Wrapped Smore-Pops: $1.50

*Favors can be custom ordered with your choice of ribbon and/or sticker (needs to be provided)*


Top Sellers:

German Chocolate Cupcakes

Chocolate with Peanut Butter Frosting





Itty Bitty Original Cupcakes:  ($30.00/2 Dozen Mini’s or $36.00/1 Dozen Standard Size)

Choose a cupcake flavor:
• Chocolate • Strawberry • Vanilla
• Key Lime • Yellow • Lemon
• Red Velvet • Banana • Raspberry
• Wedding White • Coconut • Caramel

Choose a frosting flavor (cream cheese or butter cream):
• Vanilla • Key Lime • Banana
• Lemon • Raspberry • Coconut
• Chocolate • Peanut Butter • Strawberry
• Marshmallow • Caramel

Itty Bitty Deluxe Cupcakes: ($42.00/2 Dozen Mini’s or $42.00/ 1 Dozen Standard Size)

• German Chocolate
• Cookies n Cream
• Chocolate with peanut butter frosting and caramel filling
• Chocolate with peanut butter frosting rolled in toffee bits

Hand Dipped Pretzels: Dipped in caramel and rolled in your choice of…($1.75/Each Mini or $3.50/Each Standard)

• Toffee Bits
• Peanuts
• Chocolate Sprinkles

*then drizzled with your choice of white or milk chocolate*

Itty Bitty Sweets Chocolate Chip Cookies ($1.50/each)

Itty Bitty Sweets 3.5″ Pies: ($4.25/each)

Apple, Cherry or Peach

Itty Bitty Sweets Brownies: ($42.00/2 Dozen Mini’s or $42.00/1 Dozen Standard Size)

Offered in both Standard and Mini Cupcakes size as well as bars